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Entitled Delusions

Usually when I write, I am telling more of a story, or at least something that had a conclusion. Not this time, reader. This time? You get a vent.

A lot of people are familiar with the song “Hard-Knock Life”. If they aren’t familiar with the song, they are probably familiar with thinking that their life is unfair. Today’s world seems to be all about how to cut corners and being given what is “owed”. I can’t help but roll my eyes. I subscribe to the school of thought that you get out of life what you put in it. Work hard. Earn your place. Don’t expect or demand a hand out. Thinking you are entitled or deserve anything and everything is ridiculous.

Ridiculous is just the word I would choose to describe my 21 year old cousin’s wedding plans.

For background: My cousin did not have an easy life, and I would never claim to know what her experience has been. She lost her mom at age 4 and although her Dad did try his best…he just was never ready to be a father and didn’t step up to the plate when he needed to. Girlfriends took a priority over his daughter, and that never should have happened.

HOWEVER - my family (both nuclear and extended) were always bending over backwards trying to provide a life for her since her Mom was no longer with us. My Aunt (an avid traveler) took her on almost all their vacations to multiple states and Disney World until she got older and started taking vacations with friends. My cousins always included her in their family trips to the beach and elsewhere. Yet…somehow my cousin is left with the idea that she only went on ONE family vacation in her life. PUH-lease.

She started dating this guy that came from a really religious background. She started posting long Instagram messages preaching a new lifestyle. She went to religious retreats and concerts…got a religion tattoo. None of this in itself is a bad thing. However, what was bad is that it seemed she kinda forgot where she came from. She forgot her blood family.

My mom and sister went to all of my cousin’s band concerts and field hockey games…everyone was always there for her. No one was invited to her high school graduation except her boyfriend and HIS family. Uhm, come again? Thanks for that slap in the face. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be the last.

Picture this: an invite for a bridal shower with a QR code for the registry. Ok. I get it…it is a “thing” now. But I am 100% certain that registering for a sofa is not. Yep, all the “most wanted” items were furniture. $200 coffee table? Uhm, keep dreaming princess. $500 couch? Not in this lifetime or the next. King size mattress platform? Nope. Not gonna happen.

The worst thing about it is that she actually tried to justify listing these items. She claimed that recent registries that she has seen have items listed that cost over $2000 a piece. Uhm, who are all these friends?!

(As an aside…these friends are asking for donations upwards of $300 from my family to throw the shower. Uhm…is that how this works? Oh, did I mention the bridal shower is in someone’s garage? Justify to me, I beg you, the ask for a $300 donation. For a garage party. You have GOT to be kidding me.)

When asked about these outrageous items for a bridal registry, she started waxing philosophical about how she is living on her own starting age 21. Hold up. Couple things here…

1. Your boyfriend’s extended family let you live in one of their

properties without paying rent. So freebie there.

2. You car? Bought for you by your uncle. Another freebie.

3. Your cell phone? Bought for you by your uncle. Someone say


4. Living alone? HA! You are moving in with your soon to be

husband! You are NOT living alone.

5. Also, the place you are getting is furnished. So remind me

again why you need people to buy you furniture?

The laughable entitlement didn’t stop there. She started to talk about how she has been managing her money since the age of 16 so she doesn’t need financial advice.

Ok, moneybags. Why did I pay for her share of everything when she was a bridesmaid in my sister’s wedding if she “manages money” so well? What a joke. After the bridesmaid dress shopping (which her dress was paid for by my sister), we went to lunch where my cousin didn’t even attempt to pay for her food. She just looked between my sister and I expecting us to fork over the cash. Uhm, my sister was the bride at the time so she isn’t paying…I just thought it was ridiculous. A lot of nerve to order more food than everyone else and not be able to pay for it. Oh right. It is expected she is provided for. My bad.

Oh wait, there’s more. Lobbying to get someone to pay for her honeymoon? Just straight out? No, honey. Saying it is a dry wedding with an intent to get someone to fork over the money? Nice try (Except that one actually worked. I guess you can get anything you want if you put on a show of having a panic attack). It is bad enough I’m gonna have to drive 3 hours to bumfuck nowhere, PA for a wedding that is from 3-9pm in order to endure the punishment of a $7 dinner plate. Yes. SEVEN DOLLARS A PLATE. Do I get to pick the toy that I get with my Happy Meal or am I placing all hope with fate?

I can’t even.

Stay tuned for more delusions…

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