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It is lovely to virtually meet you and I hope you enjoy the spinster blog.  I am always open to comments and feedback regarding similar experiences 😊

You might wonder why I have chosen the term “spinster” to encompass my writing. Here is the story…

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Over ten years ago, I had this co-worker who asked me if I was single. Now, before you think anything along the lines of how he was about to ask me out, you should know he was married with many kids and very religious. At the time, I was single (still am ha) and I knew karma is ruthless enough without fibbing about one’s relationship status.

Apparently where he is from, at 24, I would be considered washed up and dried up; a forgotten old lady; a spinster. The term stuck with me and I loved the idea of embodying an ironic label that society has outgrown…or that society SAYS they have outgrown.

Spinster Blog Old Lady

So here it is…my Spinster Blog…full of entertaining tales of friendships, dating mishaps, heartbreak, tackling a male-dominated work force, good ole fashioned family drama, and blatant honesty. Names are shielded to protect the guilty but otherwise – this is me.

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This is my life. I appreciate you coming on the journey with me.


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